Podcast by HHH with Dr Brad Tinkle

podcastI’ll like to highlight an informative podcast interview with Dr Brad Tinkle published by Hypermobility Happy Hour (HHH). Dr Tinkle is a Clinical Geneticist and a well-published author of books and scientific articles on hypermobility and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. The 2 part series podcast discussed the challenges associated with diagnosis, practical tips on management including some basic exercise and rehabilitation principles, and navigating a complex medical system. The podcast can be assessed from Hypermobility Happy Hour on Apple Podcast or here – search for “Interview with Dr Brad Tinkle”. Highly recommend.

Hypermobility, EDS & COVID-19

Dear Patients,

I was made aware of some useful resources for COVID-19 uploaded by the Ehlers-Danlos Society at last week’s multidisciplinary Project ECHO meeting.

Link to all the Ehlers-Danlos & COVID-19 resources can be found here, but I would like to highlight 3 of the most useful ones below:

  1. The EDS, hypermobility & Covid-19 resource. This is an excellent resource for those with EDS, HSD and associated comorbidities. It provides advice specific to those with EDS and Gastrointestinal issues, Dysautonomia and for those who are pregnant etc.
  2. The Live Chat Virtual Support resource. Zoom support groups are available and some of the sessions are facilitated by medical doctors but note that individual medical advice will not be provided in session. Click on the link to find out which sessions you might wish to attend.
  3. The Ideas for When Homebound resource. This is a really fun link for individuals and those with children who are getting bored at home from the coronavirus lockdown! I’ve used the links and visited the virtual British Museum, and it inspired me to also look up the virtual Pompeii museum which by far is my favourite. I hope you’ll find something to enjoy in there!

If you have the appetite for more serious hypermobility and EDS resources, click on the library of links I’ve collected here. The resources available on my website have been filtered down from a heap of readings I’ve encountered so I’m hoping the ones published will be useful for you.

Also, my really awesome colleague and mentor Sharon Hennessey has just launched her website notjustbendy.com. She’s got some excellent resources in there too so go take a look!

In the meantime, stay well!

Kind Regards,
Dr Chen