Patient Resources

Whiplash and Associated Disorders:

  • Whiplash Injury Recovery Booklet 2015
    whiplash booklet
    This is an excellent resource created by Emeritus Professor Gwendolen Jull and Professor Michele Sterling from The University of Queensland and Griffith University for the Motor Accident Insurance Commission. Gwen & Michele are leading experts in the field of neck pain and whiplash research and the resources in the booklet are based on their clinical expertise, and years of clinical trials and research.

Concussion Syndrome (and its associated symptoms):

Vestibular Disorders:

Hypermobile Spectrum Disorders (HSDs):

hEDS Diagnostic Checklist

Chronic Pain Management:

  • Living Well With Pain by Ben Cormack a musculoskeletal therapist from Cor-Kinetic
    This resource contains patient-focused messages and personal stories from people living with chronic pain. Some truly good tips in there worth a read!