Hypermobile Spectrum Disorders & Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Diagnosis – Subtypes & Checklists

hEDS Diagnostic Checklist

‘Understanding Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder’, a book by Claire Smith 

  • This is a comprehensive resource written by Claire Smith about HSD, EDS and their associated comorbidities. I highly recommend this. It can be purchased from this website.
HSD book
hEDS & HSD book resource by Clarie Smith

“Hypermobility Happy Hour” Podcast

  • This is a series of Podcasts related to HSD, EDS and other connective tissue disorders by Dr Linda Bluestein and Kerry Gabrielson, a doctor and attorney respectively who are affected by the condition.
  • The Podcasts can be accessed by iTunes, SoundCloud, or Apple Podcast by entering the search terms “Hypermobility Happy Hour” into these applications. The full list of episodes is located here. I have found the episodes on Food, Inflammation, Immunity, Mast Cell, Fatigue, Menses, and Migraines particularly interesting.

Orthostatic Intolerance (OI) and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Chronic Pain Management:

  • Living Well With Pain by Ben Cormack a musculoskeletal therapist from Cor-Kinetic
    This resource contains patient-focused messages and personal stories from people living with chronic pain.