Podcasts – Hypermobility

“Hypermobility Happy Hour” Podcast

  • This is a series of Podcasts related to HSD, EDS and other connective tissue disorders by Dr Linda Bluestein and Kerry Gabrielson, a doctor and attorney respectively who are affected by the condition.The Podcasts can be accessed by iTunes, SoundCloud, or Apple Podcast by entering the search terms “Hypermobility Happy Hour” into these applications. The full list of episodes is located here. I have found the episodes on Food, Inflammation, Immunity, Mast Cell, Fatigue, Menses, and Migraines particularly interesting.

“Bendy Bodies with Hypermobility” Podcast

  • This is another hypermobility podcast series by Dr Linda Bluestein for people with hypermobility who are functioning at a higher level (e.g. dancers and athletes)