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BBC interview 2017 – Dr Charles Shepherd & Jen Brea on ME/CFS

Dr Charles Shepherd: “(ME/CFS) is not being tired all the time…it is actually quite easy to diagnose in the vast majority of cases…most people will present with being fit, young adults…they will say ‘I was fit, well, I got an infection, I didn’t recover from it…I kept on feeling unwell, flu-like symptoms…and I have these very characteristic muscle and brain symptoms, exercise-induced muscle fatigue.’

Pain management in EDS – Physio Network review of Chopra et al 2017

This is my March 2021 research review for Physio Network on Pain Management in the Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes by Chopra et al 2017. This review is open access – link here. Link to the original published research paper is here.

Book – Disjointed | Navigating the diagnosis and management of hEDS and HSDs

This is probably the most important book of the Year 2020 about EDS and HSD. It is a compilation of essays by a group of patients, carers, doctors, specialists and therapists, covering a wide range of topics.

Link to the Table of Contents is here.

Link to purchase is here. An ebook version is also available.

Book: Disjointed by Jovin D et al (2020)

Chronic fatigue in hEDS – Hakim A et al 2017 article review on Physio Network

chronic fatigue

This is my latest review on Physio Network of a paper written by a pioneering group of EDS experts – Hakim A et al 2017. It remains to this day one of the most important papers on chronic fatigue in the EDS population. Physio Network has made this review open access. Link to the Physio Network review article is here. Link to the original published paper is here (also free access).